4000W High Power Thyristor Electronic Voltage Regulator Dimming Speed Adjusting

4000W High Power Thyristor Electronic Voltage Regulator Dimming Speed Adjusting

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Product Name: 4000W AC Voltage Regulator
SCR Model: BTA41600B
Dimensions: length 85* width 55* height 38mm, knob bore 6mm.
Maximum power: 4000W (resistive load limit power), power usage should be reduced for a long time.
Efficiency: 90% or more
Working voltage: AC 220V
Adjust voltage: AC 10-220V
Attention must first load and then adjust the pressure.
SCR is mainly used for resistive loads (infrared incandescent lamps, etc.). Most single-phase AC motors are also available, but they are not guaranteed. Other types of loads are for buyers to confirm. Fuse is not a panacea, there is a reaction time, if the current is too large, in addition to burning the fuse, the module may also burn out.
Note that the plastic cover on the connector cannot be fully opened due to the housing installed, the screwdriver must be twisted slightly, and be careful when opening it. If the force is too large, the cover may be easily cut off, and the express delivery may be crushed as a consumable, but Will not affect the use of the module, all the problems related to the plastic cover shop is not responsible for return.
Internal picture:
Pressure regulator size: length 85mm* width 55mm* height 35mm

The circuit has undergone many technical improvements and selected every accessory. It is now fully technologically mature. The use of dual-capacitor design (safety capacitance + metal film capacitance) effectively absorbs surges and voltage spikes and more effectively protects thyristors, making them more efficient and safer to use.
External use 1.5 thick aluminum plate and stainless steel mold punching, beautiful and generous, more suitable for family thermostat speed regulation and industrial enterprises use! Beautiful, safe, convenient, high-quality products, generally bare board voltage regulator can be compared. Longer use will not rust and other appearance issues.

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