DC 12V Soil Moisture Sensor Control Controller Relay Module Automatic Water N8C0

DC 12V Soil Moisture Sensor Control Controller Relay Module Automatic Water N8C0

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When the humidity is lower than the set humidity, start-up refers to when the soil humidity is lower than the set humidity, the relay will automatically pull in, start the shower, and the water pump and the like will perform the humidifying action and automatically stop when the set humidity is reached.
The potentiometer is used to adjust the soil humidity control threshold, which can automatically water the vegetable garden, garden water, control the soil moisture of the family flowerpot, various electronic competitions, etc., with a high-power relay, can control the large current equipment, less than the set humidity The automatic start-up relay pulls in, is bigger than the set humidity automatically disconnects, and has the time delay function, solves the non-delayed humidity critical state relay non-stop flashes the question, is a simple and practical soil moisture control system.
product description:
1. Use the high-quality soil sensor produced by the company to test the soil moisture. The surface is nickel-plated and has a wide sensing area, which can improve the conductivity, prevent the contact soil from rusting, and prolong the service life;
2. The product can control the humidity of the soil in a wide range, adjust and control the corresponding threshold value through the potentiometer. When the humidity is lower than the set value, the start relay will pull in. When the temperature is higher than the set value, the relay will be disconnected;
3. Products with delay function, delay 3-5 seconds, when the detection of humidity in the critical state, the relay will not flash, there are strobing phenomenon;
4. The product adopts Songle high-quality relay, which can bear 1500W load and meet the requirements of most people;
5. The product has power indication and relay pull-in indication;
Electrical parameters:
Supply voltage: 12VDC input current: greater than 100ma
Load: 250V 10A AC or 30V 10A DC (less current in this range can be used)
Module usage instructions:
1. The sensor is suitable for soil moisture detection;
2. The blue potentiometer in the module is used to adjust the humidity of the soil. Adjusting clockwise, the greater the control humidity, the smaller the counterclockwise.
3. Because this module has a delay function, when adjusting the humidity value, it takes 5-8 seconds to wait for each adjustment to see the change of the relay, and the green LED light also has corresponding changes until it is adjusted to meet the requirements.
4. Please refer to the picture below for the product wiring.
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Soil moisture control module and soil sensor 1 set, 20cm DuPont line 2

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